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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

Wildlife photography in Hackney

Yesterday, we went out for a walk around the local wildlife preservation in order to achieve two things. These two things were to:

(a) Get some fresh air (no easy task in Hackney); and
(b) Get out of the city, in whatever sense possible.

When we're looking for something a little less urban than the actual area in which we live which is more urban than I can occasionally bear, and also currently the holder of the Teenage Stabbing/Shooting Centre of Britian 2007, we wander up to Hackney Marshes. Hackney Marshes, despite the fact that it has the word "Hackney" in it, is in fact a wildlife reservation.

[I have just been informed that, strictly speaking, the area in which we go for our walks is in fact Walthamstow Marshes. Hackney Marshes refers to the football ground, and the area where the fucking Olympics is going to be in 2012. I swear in reference to the fucking 2012 Olympics only because I am currently heamorrhaging taxes towards these flipping Olympics, but chances are I'll be well dead before they actually come around. Anyway. Two things: 1. I don't care about the Olympics or the correct name for the area in which we go walking; and 2. Shut up, He Who Only..., and go back to watching the football.]

I brought my camera out with me to take some photos of the vast wildlife that's out there. In our walks over the past three years, we've seen hawks, voles*, stoats*, otters*, swans, ducks, geese, a heron, cows and many different dogs. Mainly rats, though. Everything with an asterix beside it above was probably a rat. There are massive rats down there. Fucking huge rats. Seriously. Rats with their own post codes. Massive crazy rats.

Instead, I took photos of the graffiti. It's brilliant round there.

Two new additions since the last time we've been there. This one is currently my phone's wallpaper:

I really like it, and I think the fact that someone's tried to pull most of it off the wall only adds to it.

The other really brilliant one was this:

What might not be clear from this photo is that the barrells are all holding up the fence guarding the building site behind. It's make shift at the very best, but I adore the fact that someone has seen them, gone home, made a template, come back out with their yellow paint and walked along the line marking each and every barrell. About 20 of them in total.

This one looks fantastic:

I love it.

Unless they were all actually radioactive.

In which case, I've got about 48 hours left to live.


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