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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

Some more things that I like that you don't have

This morning, when I woke up all cozy and warm and comfy and feeling all loved up and smug and I rolled over to say good morning to He Who Only... so that we could both celebrate the lovely smugness that comes only from the realisation that (a) it's the weekend; (b) there are no exams to be taken; and (c) the neighbours upstairs for once aren't playing some horrific bass-heavy music which enters your subconscious about 5 minutes before you wake up and leave you feeling tense and angry all day. As I turned around to say good morning, and start the day by sticking my fingers in his ear (this is one of about 40 things I do on a daily basis that I know annoy him that endlessly entertain me - others include screaming right in his ear, and threatening to pull out his chest hair in individual strands), I noticed that there was an ant. On my pillow. Right by my head. An ant. Christ.

It's October, and we still have those irritating little sugar ants which the end of the world cannot get rid of. I don't usually care about that them much - we've invested heavily in tupperware and are quite good at cleaning surfaces and NEVER EVER EVER leave anything sweet out unattended, but they still get around. On my pillow. Ick.

That said, I still love this flat. The road noise, the load neighbours upstairs, the child next door with the asthma that we can hear coughing in its sleep, none of these things are enough to put me off. I mean, it's the place I have this:

This is just one of many bunches of photos I have plastered around the flat. I love displaying my photos this way. It's all rough and ready and unorganised and unfussy and that's why I love it. It, like Little Sister Louise's poster from yesterday, started as necessity, since we can't put nails in the wall, and so I can't get (any more) hooks (when we first moved in, I didn't realise the plaster was so pathetic, and so there are some framed pictures and posters around, but I don't dare put any more up, in case the whole building collapses). But now, I really like it. Big bunches of memories.

I got this tremendous painting in Berlin. We stumbled across the gallery a couple of days beforehand, and I loved all of these little evil looking cartoons, doing a variety of quite sad and pathetic posters. I don't know why I didn't immediately buy the whole collection - something to do with not having enough money, probably, which is the reason I also don't own every Rocket Dog shoe ever designed - but a couple of days later we were wandering around a market when we came across a stall run by the artist with tons more cartoon men than we had seen before. This one was the only character with wings, and I LOVE anything with wings. That looks evil and wrong. So I had to have him.

We did give him a name, but I can't remember what it is now.

The other thing I love very much about where I live is this:

Him and his endless, unwavering patience.


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