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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson


I took about 7,000 photos while we were on holiday, so I'm just going to post them up in groups, with vague themes, and probably make some kind of smart arsed narrative to go with them. I've grown a very recent and very intense fascination for looking at other people's holiday photos (and thankfully blogger and facebook are here to feed my new fetish). I hope other people are interested in mine. If not, in about five posts, I'm bound to write something about wanting to kill a complete stranger with my bare hands, so hang on in there.

Below are about 6 or 7 updates. Please scroll down.

Little Sister Louise took a photo similar to this one, which I had blown up to poster size and which we have hanging on the wall of our sitting room. Every time we were on this beach during the holiday, the photo kept being reenacted over and over by the dogs, because Bobby is always running slightly in front of Kesh. This photo isn't as good as LSL's, but I love it as an action shot.

This photo I ADORE. I love that they're perfectly in step and both looking at the same thing. I love their reflections in the wet sand, and the fact that both their tails are raised so high. I'm getting this one blown up too. Our flat will soon be covered in poster-sized photos of other people's dogs.

This one just sums up their relationship - Bobby's doing something, Kesh is watching him do it, and blocking his exit from whatever he's doing, so that when he passes she can bite him on the nose and remind him who's boss. It's like me and He Who Only..., but furrier.


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