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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

We're all going on a...

I just spent about 10 minutes reading my own archive, which is the blogging equivalent of standing looking in the bathroom mirror and thinking to yourself just HOW GREAT your new hair cut looks. Two things have come from my reading of these archives:

1. The realisation of how fucking hilarious I am. I really am very funny, and also a very talented writer, and also quite profound, and also I mention Jon Ronson quite a lot, actually. Which is always a good thing.

2. I’m really, really looking forward to going to my Open University Summer School tomorrow.

I was reading the archives from July 2005, the last time I went to summer school. I don’t remember blogging from there, and I may well have written these entries in retrospect, or alternatively written them in word and the posted them on my return, but they brought flooding back memories of things I’d totally forgotten, and a huge enthusiasm for what is to come in the next seven days.

For the next seven days, I will be in Brighton, doing a seven-day Cognitive Psychology course, in which I’m expected to design and carry out a psychology study. The one that I’m planning to do I have given the jaunty title of “Irrationality and counterfactual thinking: superstitions and the causal order effect”. It sounds like a lot of fun, I know, and I’ve been torturing my friends making them do pilot versions of it for the last couple of weeks. I will also be spending literally days taking part in the other students’ experiments, and hopefully laughing as much as I remember laughing at the Summer School two years ago.

So there may be blogging silence until my return on the 14th, at which point there’ll be a glut of back-dated entries, or I may well be blogging from my uni bedroom in between watching episodes of Seinfeld on my laptop and passing out. Who knows? I certainly don’t.

Have a lovely week.


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