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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

Silence is Golden

Sorry about the temporary lack of posting. This is due to three things:

1. I am still off work and wondering around the Nest'O'Love trying to motivate myself to do things during the day, and ending up watching constant re-runs of Location, Location, Location and Columbo and wondering where the time goes. I did think, when my GP signed me off, that finally I could do things like catch up on some OU study or go for long, lovely walks, get back into the swing of things down the gym or even just rearrange my wardrobe to make some more space, but in the end what I've done is clean for about two hours every day and then spend the rest of the time dribbling into the sofa pillows waiting for He Who Only... to come back from work and rouse me from my stupor.

2. In the time not spent dribbling, I have discovered the joys of Facebook, and I've spent far too long turning people into zombies and buying fishes to be able to do anything coherent enough to merit a blog entry of its own. Even while writing this entry, I got distracted and ended up drawing graffiti on someone's wall. This really has got to stop.

3. I have a list as long as my arm (my long arm) of things that I should be doing with this time that has been gifted to me, this spare time in which I could be applying to universities for further studies, completing the study I'm currently doing, catching up on my reading, sorting out all the things that could happily go to the charity store, reorganise the kitchen so that we can actually fit things in cupboards again, hell, even just hoovering up the bits of Christmas tree that are still lurking behind our sofas. But, like I say, it's mainly been dribbling. The presence of the list of things to do is, if anything, holding me back even more because (a) I don't know where to start and (b) I'm too busy dribbling.

Anxiety attacks aside, this week has been quite a relaxing one, but, I'm afraid, quite boring. So please forgive the lack of posts. Today we're going to Nottingham to escape the London noise and hustle (not to mention the bustle). I'll be back Sunday. Hopefully with something more interesting to say.


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