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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

I wasn't joking about all the photos, by the way. Seriously. I've been uploading them all evening, while He Who Only... has been out shouting at men running about on the television, and will be boring you all to death with my tales of Germany over the next week or so.

But first, so you know what to expect (and so you can bugger off now and come back again next week when I will be back to complaining about the public transport in London and how difficult it is to be as pretty, talented and generous as I am), here are a selection of my favourite photos from last weekend:

This is the view that we saw every morning from the train station nearest to the hotel. We were staying almost in the centre of the city, but to the east side of the Berlin Wall - meaning (you'll have already worked out for yourself) that we were in East Berlin, or the former Soviet sector. More about the wall in due course (oh Dear Lord I'm a Berlin Wall expert these days). I do love this view though. You kind of grow very fond, in a I'm-A-Westener-Who-Really-Doesn't-Even-Begin-To-Appreciate-How-Lucky-I-Am kind of way, of the endless rows and rows of well organised high-rise housing that stretches out as far as the eye can see to the east. It appeals to the neat freak in me, those kinds of clean lines and regimentation.

This was taken outside the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedachtniskirche, which Berliners refer to as the "broken tooth" - you can find out why, if you're interested, here. I love this picture, because it was only after I took it that I even noticed the birds on the head of one of the statues, and the fact that it looks like the other one is trying to brush them off.

This was my favourite place in Berlin, somewhere we kind of came across by accident while trying to find somewhere to eat that served vegetarian food that wasn't covered in cheese or eggs. We originally thought it must be some kind of young person's dance club, but on closer inspection it's actually four floors of art galleries, and right at the top is a sleazy looking flea infested bar with holes in the walls rather than windows that look right across the neighbourhood. We ended up going back to Orienburger Strasse (the street this is on) a few times, and the discovery of this building, along with all of the graffiti covering the hallways inside it, is definitely one of the highlights of our visit for me.

This is simply my Favourite. Photo. Ever.


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