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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

Week One: CATE Challenges

I was so excited at the start of this week, about the sheer amount of environment I might save undertaking these challenges. I feel I should say at the outset that I’m not that clear on what the specific problem is any more – we watched a programme last week that said that climate change doesn’t exist, and in fact polar bears prefer the icebergs when they’re all warm and watery. Apparently summer time will be warmer now, which means more birds and flowers and trips to the sea side, but on the other hand there might be more tornadoes, which means endless footage of caravans upside down on the news, and nobody wants that. Maybe it’s that there’s not enough environment? I remember when I was at school there a fuss about a hole in the ozone layer, so maybe the entire environment is leaking out of that? Anyway. I understand that we all need to save a bit of environment for ourselves, and I was quite keen to get started.

I wasn’t sure which challenge to go for, because they all seemed in their own way equally worthy and equally difficult.

I had to, almost immediately, discount the Not Flushing option (although I really appreciated the “Phantom of the O-Pee-Ra” title – all challenges should contain a pun) because I’m a bit squeamish (read totally insane) about toilets in general and what goes on in them in particular. I’m more than willing to put a brick down my cistern, so to speak, but I must flush at all times.
I wanted to remember to take a bag to the supermarket, but I kept forgetting to do that. And we’re getting our shopping delivered this weekend by a nice man with a van. However, I have partially joined in with that, because the wonderful people at Waitrose do a “green” delivery, where you can choose a slot when they will be in your area anyway, so they save on exhaust fumes. And I will recycle my plastic bag collection very very soon. So that’s partially done, right? I’m getting better at the environment already. I think.

Importantly, I’ve contacted Hackney Council, asking them to provide us with some recycling bins for our flats – we’re currently using one green box between the 13 of us who live in the building, which, considering our collective alcohol intake, is not sufficient to hold all the beer cans and wine bottles at the end of every week. I also asked for some of the food waste boxes, so hopefully they will turn up soon.

So, to celebrate the end of my first week of challenges, I’m going to make a Newspaper Pot tomorrow, while my boyfriend watches some endless rugby. I’m quite excited about this. It’s like being in the Brownies.

Photos to follow tomorrow.


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