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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

A tiny snap shot from the fairy tale that is our life:

When we moved in to the Nest 'O' Love, one of the first of many, many different faults that we noticed was the massive problem in the bedroom department: (a) there was a vast amount of traffic noise; and (b) there was a vast amount of street lighting coming flooding through the window.

The Nest 'O' Love came without any form of curtain. It came instead with lovely white shutters, which look very pretty when all folded up by the wall on a summers day, but are completely useless when asked to hold in any kind of warmth, or hold out any street/traffic/stabbing/shooting noises that take place down on the street below. They're also massive ineffective in terms of keeping out light. I can't sleep when it's noisy. He Who Only... can't sleep when there's even the smallest hint of light. This wasn't going to work.

We came up with a temporary solution, which was to drape a duvet over the shutters. This worked as it more or less blocked out the light and at least dampened down the noise of rioting and drug running from the street below.

This, you'll note, is He Who Only... hanging the duvet up for the evening, while wearing a cow boy Hat.

Two other things to note in this photo, before I leave you all to do something much more useful with your lives:

1. This photo was taken last week. We've been living in the Nest 'O' Love for over a year now. We're still hanging the duvet over the shutters.

2. Propped up against that chest of drawers (which He Who Only... made with his bare, manly hands) is a white window blind. Which we bought within two weeks of moving in here. Which blocks out both light and sound completely. Which fits our window perfectly. Which has been sitting, propped up in that manner, since the day we brought it home. Over a year ago.


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