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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

It's a tribute to the severity of my resolution that I'm going to blog every day for 2007 (which is already going badly wrong, since I'm now just blogging in bursts and spazzing a full week's worth of entries out in a single day, rather than the slow and steady approach I had originally envisaged) that, while the specialist was patiently explaining to me what the results of my x-rays meant, all I wanted to do was take a photograph of the "skellington pictures" (as He Who Only... calls them) so that I could post up some cool photos on the blog.

I'm not sure if I would have been allowed, since I never worked up the courage to ask, but wouldn't that have been cool? That would have been cool. As it was, I was barely concentrating on what the lovely lady was saying to me, and instead I was just staring at my bones, thinking how great that would look hung up as decorations in the Nest'O'Love.

The long and short of the information I did manage to pick up (while not going all Colin And Justin in terms of home decor) is that I've got evidence of the start of osteoarthritis in the bones of my toes. Which isn't a huge surprise, explains the new pain I've been getting recently, and terrified the shit out of me for about the 15 seconds I gave it any thought to. It's the same condition that's meant my Mum and my aunty had both hips replaced. But, since it's in my toes, it's not such a big issue.

The best advice the consultant had to give me was that I shouldn't go jogging. That's two health professionals in three years that have told me, for completely different reasons, to lay off all of my marathon running. But who am I to argue?

For the sake of my health, I'm going to spend the weekend in bed.


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