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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

Another word on the Ladies' Christmas Dinner/Gentlemen's Christmas Dinner. In the run up to the two events, the gentleman who was in charge of organising and running the Quiz emailed all of the WAGs and asked them to participate in one of the rounds. We each had to provide three words that describe our particular gentleman. The words would then be displayed to the gathered gentlemen who would have to guess which three words had been provided by their own Lady. I got this email at work, gave it roughly 30 seconds thought, and dashed off:


I got an email back from the organiser, who said he was particularly pleased with "special". I didn't give it any more thought.

On the evening of the Ladies' Christmas Dinner, as we all arrived in the door, we all asked each other what our three word choices had been. With a growing feeling of utter horror, I listened as each Lady said three complimentary, loving, positive and affectionate words. Some of them included the words "talented", "gifted", "gregarious", "clever" and "kind". I was appalled.

Thankfully, another Lady had said both "difficult" and "naughty" for her Gentleman, and so I felt a little bit better about it. The winner of the Ladies, in my opinion, was the Lady who submitted:


for her Gentleman. That's the best answer anyone could have given.

*A note on this choice: in the opening of all of He Who Only...'s comedy shows, he describes himself as "the tall skinny one with the big nose". This is funny, because his comedy partner is also tall, skinny and has a big nose. Doyousee? I thought I'd be clever, because this description could also fit at least half of the boys that would be there on the evening. As indeed would "hairy". And, come to think of it now, so would "special". I think I just described that whole group.


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