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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

I’m sick of writing to London, since London refuses to respond to my entirely reasonable demands. Since I’m at work today, and it is still intolerably hot and nobody seems to be doing anything about it, I have composed a pithy letter of complaint to EVERYONE in order that someone, somewhere will do something about it. It goes like this:


You're being bold!

Don't be bold.

Lots of love


Please print it out and pass it around. I feel I’ve just found the secret to World Peace.

I’ve just received an email from He Who Only…, with the following important question. Again, please ponder upon the importance of this question - maybe even take the day off work just to think it through properly - and then print it off and flyposter it around the city of your choice. I think again that this could change the course of the history of the world.

“Is it nearly home time yet? I want to take my trousers off!”

The heat is making me giddy.


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