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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

As yesterday was officially the first day of June, and therefore legally it had to be a warm, sunny, pleasant day to be outdoors, we decided that we would go to a beer garden. We chose the beer garden in the back of the Irish pub that we always go to to watch the Irish international football and ruby matches, as they pipe in illegal Irish television, complete with Irish adverts and everything. It's also the best place for miles around where we live to watch Liverpool matches. Once, to prove what a fantastic wife I am, I met He Who Only... there half way through a Liverpool game, after going to a tutorial in town. I came in armed with two bags of chips fresh from the best chip shop in Stoke Newington, and I was immediately elected the official Best Girlfriend in the pub. I rock.

And I digress. Point is, it's a brilliant pub, where the Guinness is poured with ludicrous expertise, and the only crisps avaible to buy are Taytos. It's like being at home, except that the entire place is so covered in cigarette smoke that, late in to the evening, you can't see from one end to the other. I blinking love it. This photo is taken from the half way point in the pub. I love the fact that it's so long and narrow, it seems to stretch on forever.

Anyhoo, this was the pub in which we decided to celebrate the legally official start to the summer, by sitting outside and sipping on some of their fabulous Guinness. Turned out we were the only idiots who decided on this course of action:

This is because (a) it was absolutely freezing outside and (b) the pub garden was full of scary, flying, biting things. But you know what? We had to keep the dream alive. Roll on the actual summer.


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