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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

A couple of weeks ago I complained bitterly and quite loudly about how frustratingly rubbish my new phone was. I ranted and raved, and may have implied, using words like "petrol" and "match" that I had burned the ruddy thing in a final act of nose-spiting. Thankfully, I have a boyfriend with an infinite capacity for patience and an advantageous deafness towards the more profane range of my vocabulary, along with a boyish penchant for fixing things what are broken and keeping his little lady happy. He Who Only... found some chat groups, logged on to some websites, "downloaded" some"patches" (whatever that means), and went and fixed the blighter so that it actually now works as it was always supposed to, and I don't have to keep killing those prostitutes in order to dampen my endless rages.

Now, my phone no longer deletes photographs that I've taken, and so whenever someone calls or texts me, a photograph accompanies their name and details, making the entire process more interesting. However, since a lot of my regular callers live somewhere that I don't, I don't have photographs of their actual faces. I have instead devised a system, where - this is very clever, and another example of one of the things that makes me ENDLESSLY FASCINATING - I have taken a photograph of something that reminds me of them.

For example, when my mother rings, this is what appears:

And when littlesisteredel rings, this is what appears:

I'm not going to show you what appears when He Who Only... rings.

I have now also become absolutely and completely addicted to podcasting, spending hours on the iTunes website trying to find some decent podcasts that cost nothing and are also filled with interesting people and fascinating broadcasts. Thing is, I'm not very good at finding them.

So far the ones that are rocking my world and floating my boat are two that I came across completely by accident and uploaded to see what they'd be like. One is The Dawn And Drew Show, which as far as I can tell is a co-habiting American couple who are very pleased with themselves and think they're the bees knees. I like it, but then I'm fascinated by all things American at the moment, and the stupider the better. This is just the right side of trashy for me.

The other one I really love is Penn Jillette's weekly radio show, especially Tuesdays, as those are "Monkey Tuesday!" and nothing helps my commute in the morning more than listening to two grown men reduced to tears by an hour's worth of stories devoted to the times when people saw monkeys masturbating.

I've also got quite a healthy smattering of BBC podcasts, but here's the thing: I'm very new to this. I need recommendations, please. Anything that you've come across that you like, or that you think I'd like, I'd really love to find out. It's also very important that they're free, as I'm very much against podcasts for which you have to pay (hello Gervais, you tightwad, I'm talking to you). Please leave recommendations in the comments, or email me at dreadful.nonsense@gmail.com.

A great many hearty thanks.


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