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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

As promised yesterday, following my SAVE ALL THE RATS, THE RATS DESERVE TO LIVE ranting, here are some of the highlights of the Museum of London. We have started with a weirdly embarrassed looking cherub who caught my eye. I like to think he just farted, and it came out louder than he had expected.

I have to say, we were slightly disappointed with the contents of the Museum of London. The Museum of London seems to promise everything you've ever needed, wanted or secretly wished in the darkness of the night to know about London. What it actually houses is the Museum Of A Lot Of Different Things, Which May Or May Not Have Occured In London (Oh And A Tiny Room About The Great Fire). But I suppose the MOALODTWMOMNHOIL(OAATRATGF) is a bigger mouthful than TMoL, so it's fair enough they didn't go with the longer title.

You start in the freaking ice age, and move through every single thing that happened to the EARTH since then. It only really starts getting interesting when you get to the 1700s, but by then my interest had already been battered into submission. I wanted to learn about the HISTORY OF LONDON, not the HISTORY OF ALL THESE THINGS WE'VE PUT INTO THIS BUILDING, in some kind of logical but tedious order.

But! It's so worth it for one of the last rooms. 19th Century London. Fucking brilliant.

This, my friends, is a man from Cork:

This man was treated in a hospital in London Town. He had leprosy. He had caught it through working at the ship yards in London Town, and coming into contact with people from Asia, where leprosy was still a big old hairy problem. Leprosy wasn't something that was commonly seen around London Town any more, and so the doctor in London Town thought, hey, I know what we'll do to help us recognise leprosy next time we come across it - WE'LL PICKLE THIS MAN'S HEAD.

That's not actually true. This is in fact a wax model of the man's face. You'll see right behind him is a torso with measles. I freaking LOVE this part of the museum.


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