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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

An illustrated guide to the last-weekend-but-one-just-passed:-

I constantly get given out to because I manage to almost never blog when people come to visit. I'm particularly guilty of that in terms of the amount of time I spend with littlesisterlouise compared with the amount of things I post about littlesisterlouise. This is my attempt at making up for that a bit.

A couple of weeks ago, we had the magnificent pleasure of being jointed in our Nest'O'Lurve by some special guest visitors, who came to interrupt our suburban almost-peace and never-truly-quiet. My mother and my two sisters - littlesisteredel and littlesisterlouise - came to bother us, and my what a joyous occasion we all had.

I began the preparations for their visit by cleaning the house until my hands bled, and I forced He Who Only... to join me in my mental illness and spraying-of-bleach over every surface. He manfully pursuaded me that repainting wasn't a viable option, and helped in the most spectacular manner (above and beyond the call of duty, he even cleaned the toilet. I could never clean a toilet, even if my life depended on it), and then helped to decorate.

This is the welcoming picture that He Who Only... drew of littlesisteredel.

Isn't it beautiful? The two things to note are (1) the caption, which reads "EDEL SUCKS", which is accompanied by a picture of littlesisteredel sucking up everything in the world (which is why she's so big and round) and (2) littlesisteredel's dog Kesh standing beside her saying "woof".

That aside, the visit seemed to go well, in my hazy opinion. We walked around many shops and galleries:

We had some lunch in a small restaurant in central London that charged the price of the third world debt for a gin and tonic; we went to China Town:

We got a bit tired and emotional and then went for a Thai meal; we went to the Tate Modern because that's essential when spending even th shortest amount of time with me; we went on the London Eye (where I got dizzy and frightened and didn't enjoy really any of it, because I'm both stupid and mental); then they went home and I felt sad.


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