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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

The upshot of not having my laptop is two-fold:
1. I can't check my email accounts, because they're blocked at work. I also can't check most of sites I usually check, because at work they're classified as "dirty" or "porn detected" (which makes me very proud, I'm obviously looking in all the classy places).
2. I can't sit my OU exam.

The second one is making me quite happy, even though there are a lot of complications that go with it. I've checked with the OU on three different occasions, and apparently there aren't any computers in London at which I can sit for three hours and write about child development. I have to provide my own, you see, due to me being so special needs that I can't process my thoughts in a linear way - I have to be able to type them out and then cut and paste as appropriate until they follow some kind of logical order. This I can get away with because my kind, kind doctor in Dublin signed a note that said I have sciatica in my back (which I don't) and arthritis in my hands (which I do, but only mildly) meaning I'm unable to take an exam under ordinary conditions.

I rang the OU this morning to double check that this was all still the case - my exam scheduled for next Friday was being deferred for another two weeks until Eggers is back in action, and I've had two extra weeks to stare at the OU books on the train and at work without actually taking in a single details but the pretty, pretty pictures. The lady on the phone seemed deeply confused, telling me that a laptop wasn't appropriate for an exam - even though she had my profile opened up on the computer in front of her. I explained my health "problems" once again, and then explained Eggers' health problems, and she seemed to think that I should be able to magic up another laptop. And sure, if I desperately wanted to, I could magic up another laptop from some kind of computer hire place, but if someone dangled two extra weeks of study time in front of you, wouldn't you do the same as me? Refuse point blank to cooperate until you're granted special circumstances not available to good and honest people of the general public?

Of course you would.

So I refused to magic up a laptop, and she refused to confirm for me that I would get the exam extension, so now I'm all filled with dread and panic because I can't take the exam in less than a week's time, due to the arrival of Little Sister Edel and Hutch tonight for the weekend. Plus, you know, I've to go see Serenity at least twice next week before it's kicked out of the cinema, and then there's the double Lost on Wednesday night and I've to go to the pub too, you know, it can't be all work and no play.


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