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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

To commemorate the final night of Little Sister Edel's stay in London, we thought we'd do something fun, something involving boys and something military in style. And while breaking into an army barracks late at night and having pillow fights with the junior cadets was proposed, we decided instead that a more sensible option might be to go dribble over see Rob Lowe in A Few Good Men, because Little Sister Edel knows the film off by heart, and she likes to listen to people saying things when she already knows they're going to say them.

I was more than willing to be her happy accompanist, because John Barrowman is in that play, and we all know I likes me a man who's appeared in a Dr Who television or radio serialisation. But cor blimey, I honestly had never considered the sheer number of costume changes that may be involved in this, a play about a court case. The costumes! The changes! The only way to make this play greater be to force the actors to change costume on stage, thereby allowing us all full naked stares at the manly chests being heavily hinted at underneath the impeccably tailored and tight, tight costumes. And lordy, there were costumes.

Rob Lowe in army fatigues? Hot. John Barrowman in casual uniform? Hot. John "Kevin Bacon" Barrowman and Rob "Tom Cruise" Lowe in full dress uniform, shouting at each other across a court room? HOT.

As we sat during the interval fanning ourselves with programmes and gulping down chocolate icecream thanks to the sheer HOTness of it all, I realised the only option left to the producers of this play was to use EXACTLY the same cast again, but this time make it a Top Gun stage show. Oh joy of joys the sheer HOTness of that would be enough to cause even the gayest of lesbians and the straightest of gentlemen to imagine Rob Lowe and John Barrowman playing volleyball in slow motion...

...I must go lie down.


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