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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

It’s that time of the week again! It’s the time where I get impatient and start making “decisions”, “final” “decisions” that must be followed through to the end, and then once I feel sure that this “decision” has been made, then I’m able to throw it out the window, because at least decisive, if not actual, action has been taken. This week, my big “decision” is that I’m going to have my second tattoo by the end of October.

Why the end of October? I have no idea. I could claim it’s to do it before I’m 29, because 29 is almost too old to be deliberately scarring your body, drawing pictures on yourself like a three year old child would do. I could claim it’s because the winter months are drawing in, and it would be best to get it done while I can still wear loose clothing and not be all wrapped up tight, when a tattoo could get damaged in the first couple of days. I could even claim that, since I’m getting another angel tattoo, October is the best month for angels. It is, you know. The folklore, both Christian and older, dictates that October is the time to communicate with your guardian angel (2nd October in particular, now that you ask).

It’s none of those, though. It’s because I’m getting bored of waiting and want to get it done NOW, NOW I TELL YOU.

The tiny, bothersome details are that I’m not sure where to go or what to get done. I throw open the where to go question to you, the internet – are any of the lovely people of London able to recommend to me some good tattoo people to attend?
The question of what I’m getting done is slightly more difficult, and a touch pressing – as I say, the intention is “angel”. After that, I’ve no idea. I want it black, and in outline, without too much detail or shading, although some detail and shading could be considered. I’ve googled, I’ve asked Jeeves, I’ve considered texting that number where they answer your questions for a £1, I’m constantly buying books on angels, and in my lunchbreak today I’ll be going out to buy a book in the Christian bookshop just for the illustrations, but people, I’d also like your help here. Please post links to any pretty pictures you can find that have angels in them. Pictures of David Boreanaz are also, as always, welcome.


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