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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

The end is almost nigh, and I can virtually taste the freedom: another term of the OU is finishing up and not before time. This year I made the astonishingly stupid decision to take not one, not two, not three, but two and a half courses, in the same year that I started working again after a year’s absence, moved house, moved countries, got a new job and generally had a lot of upheaval and financial difficulties. The main problem in the last three months has been finding the time to do the required study and work on essays, because it turns out that, when you live in London, you get tired very quickly, due to the travelling and the variety of public houses, and the late nights staying up talking about how brilliant London is, and all that gazing in adoration that I have to fit in now that I have a boyfriend who is nearby all the time.

I’ve never been particularly sorry to say goodbye – even if it’s only for a little while – to the courses I’ve been doing, but this year as each course reaches the end I feel the strangle hold grip letting go ever so slightly more, and the relief is extreme. I still have an exam to do at the end of October, which isn’t going to go well (and this is not just the usual bravado when discussion exams. I’ve already tried to find out how you go about repeating exams following failure, but the OU have a policy of not discussing this until it actually happens, which shows a lovely blinding faith in their students), and one more assignment to finish by the end of this week (fingers crossed) but after that… oh, the possibilities.

I’ve started loading up on books that I want to read, and they are sitting so temptingly on my bookshelf that I’ve accidentally already read three of them instead of doing the last bits of study that I should be (you see now why the exam’s not looking so rosy).

My reward to myself at the end of this course will be the purchase of a small television and a DVD player. I do already have a DVD player, but that is in Ireland and I am in England and so it makes watching DVDs on it a little more difficult than it used to be when we were both on the same land mass. I considered bringing it here with me, but decided that life would be easier if I just bought a new one, and so a new one will be bought at the end of October, and on that I will be watching all of my Joss Whedon DVDs that have been so sorely neglected in the last few months thanks to the pressures of study and sleeping and gazing adoringly.


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