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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

In an attempt to regain some dignity in the face of the Fantasy Football shambles, I decided to stage with He Who Only… something of a wager. We are pitting what knowledge we have about comedy against one another in a crazy gamble, and it’s a fight to the death.

We’re trying to predict the Perrier nominees before the nominations are announced tomorrow. We’re doing this on the basis of all the reviews we’ve read, all the gossip on Chortle, anything that’s filtered back to us from Scotland through blogs but mainly, it seems, from Dominic Frisby’s perrierbet website.

I’m listing our two full lists of nomination guesses, just so that tomorrow you too can join in with the mocking of the pyjama clad fool who lost the bet. Round two will be picking one of the nominees and deciding they’re the winner. Whoever gets that right gets the extra special reward of being right while the other is wrong, something that happens so rarely (at least for me).

My nominations (with pathetic reasons why in brackets):

Bennett Arron (cos he extended his run, like the Perrier winner last year)
Tim Minchin (cos everyone keeps mentioning him)
Will Smith (cos everyone else keeps mentioning him)
Lucy Porter (token lady nominee)
Rhod Gilbert (token Welsh nominee)
DJ Danny (cos he's got good reviews across the board)
Best Newcomer: Cowards

He Who Only…’s nominations:

Tim Minchin (for the reasons you so beautifully elucidated).
Alan Carr (good reviews and media friendly).
Pajama Men (a bit out of left field admittedly but you've got to take a punt now and then).
Mark Watson (My token welshman)
Will Smith (again...)
Andrew Maxwell (his turn)
Best Newcomer: Danny Robbins


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