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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

Who saw Dr Who last night? Who thought it was brilliant? Who cheered when the Dalek trailor started? Who's more excited than anyone else about the fact that our lord and saviour Eccleston is [highlight text if you want to read the spoiler] going to be tied to a cross in next week's episode?!

Me and Bobby watched Dr Who last night. We both thought it was brilliant. Bobby liked it when the Dr called Mickey "Mickey the idiot". I liked the joke about the port. Me and Bobby are both looking forward to next week's episode which includes a scene that the Daily Mail refers to as "sado-masochistic style torture". Me and Bobby both cheered when the Dalek appeared.

[Click here to read the Daily Mail outrage - warning, contains phrases like "inappropriate sexual language" and pleads for someone to think of the poor children]

[Also here is a spoiler-free review of next week's episode telling you in great detail why you should watch it cos it's brilliant.]

[Finally, here for hours of fun. Why not launch bombs at 10 Downing Street? Secure password - buffalo. Two "f"s, one "l".]

[And! Also! As well! If you put in the password "bison" you get to read the secret forum about government cover ups of alien invasions and that. Thanks to Mickey at Who Is Doctor Who.]


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