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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

We walked in to the club after paying our ridiculous entrance fee of €8, just so that we could drink beer and dance to music we’d drink beer and dance to in our own homes. This place is the place that plays our combined CD collections, and plays them loud with a dance floor that’s usually covered in glass. The place was very crowded, and it seemed to my beery eyes to be wall to wall boys, scruffy boys with unkempt hair and sloganed t-shirts, the kind of boys who lean in closer while you’re trying to walk past and who think that “hey” is both a word and a chat up line. I was still wearing my coat and carrying my bag, and everyone seemed to be standing very closely together, and it was darker than it needed to be. Little Sister Edel and Hutch walked ahead of me, pushing through the crowd and leaving a definite pathway through which I could walk without being horrible molested.

We got to the steps that lead down to the dance floor, and the three of us spotted them as one: Mr and Mrs Moo standing by the side, drinking their drinks and grinning back up at us. We jumped down the stairs and everyone flung arms around everyone else. Right then, I realised I was a little more drunk than previously imagined.

I hugged Moo and she hugged me back, and then, placing her hands on my shoulders and holding me out at arms length, she looked me right in the eye and asked, “Did you see my comment?”

“Yes,” I responded, because I had seen her comment and wanted to let her know.

“It’s Friday!” she continued, as if that was the most important day in the world, and maybe it was. How could I be sure? I was terribly drunk, and too hot in my coat and I had a heavy bag on my shoulder, but who cared, because we were all here and we were all together. “You haven’t blogged since Tuesday!” she yelled, above the noise of the crowd and loud music that was played at the discos we used to go to together in University, me and Moo and Hutch and Little Sister Edel, who were all now together again once more.

I returned Moo’s gaze as steadily as I could and made my promise, a promise that at that time, moment and place I meant with all my heart. “I’ll blog about this,” I declared, and by Lord I meant it.

“I’ll blog about right now.”


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