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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

This post might get me in to trouble with some of my friends and family who read this blog that work for various different charities - my friends and family are very good, giving, charitable people who take the promises of the Bible about getting in to heaven if you help the needy a bit too literally - so before you read any further please go to The Dublin Simon Community and UNICEF and give them some money (but not all of your money, because you'll need to give a little more in a minute, please see below for further information, many thanks).

Richard Keith Herring is going to the Edinburgh Festival this year with a show called "Someone Likes Yoghurt". He's also producing a programme to go with the show. All of the funds for the sale of this programme will go directly to SCOPE, which is a good charity and one that should get your full support, like all other charities, particularly those mentioned above.

Thing is, Richard Keith doesn't have any sponsors to help produce this programme, and so he's asking for help and sponsorship. If you go here, you can donate around £10 (or more, if you're feeling particularly flush or in need of extra brownie points with Jesus after laughing so much about the Pope dying and that). In exchange, Richard Keith will print your name in the programme so that it will be there FOREVER and you will go down in history as someone who once donated some money to charity. You might also win some prizes including old posters of Richard Keith and his ex-boyfriend Stewart Graham Lee, old scripts for telly shows or old scripts for radio shows. You'll also get your own personal signed copy of the programme when it's produced.

Sound like a good deal? It should do, because it is a good deal. More detailed information is available here. Now, go donate, and quickly, before the baby Jesus starts crying again and then God will be cross and smite you down. Because a sleep-deprived God is a vengeful God.


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