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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

It's Saturday. It's sunny. There's less than four hours to the second Dr Who. How to pass the time? Clean the bathroom from top to bottom? Annoy the jack russells? Throw away old clothes? Wait for the Pope to die? Ramble around the internet like a mad lady avoiding her OU essay? Yes. That's exactly how to pass the time.

I may very well be the last person on the internet to have become aware of this - apparently it's been doing the rounds forever, but has increased in popularity since their telly show started in America a couple of weeks ago. But here, for your viewing pleasure, is David Armand of the Hollow Men doing a bit of Torn.

When we first saw this at the Edinburgh Festival in 2000 (I think), we decided to name our comedy website after their Edinburgh show Live At The Lounge. When David reached the "...there's just so many things..." line of the song, I used to fall over.

It's just a blind shame the whole song isn't included.


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