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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

Happy Monday to you all. If you're not all coupled up and wish you were, you can get some alternative valentines cards here. If you're all coupled up and you wish you weren't, there's a brilliant "You're Dumped" option on that site too. The best way to dump someone is on-line, you know. If you're not coupled up, are glad you're not, and are pissed off that the rest of the world feels it necessary to force their loving relationships down your throat, well then shit happens, lady. Nobody made you get out of bed today. Go kick some puppies.

A round of up things to do this week, that you should all be doing on a daily basis (otherwise known as New Links):

1. Ignio. I've mentioned it before, but seriously, this is the best horoscope site in the world. Dee is kind enough to text me my horoscope to my mobile every day, so I know what's going on. Today's reads - "Today nobody even in a slightest degree will doubt that you are the best in every area of human activity. It is possible, that it is really so. At least, everything will to turn out perfectly today." That sounds about right to me. I am indeed the best in every area of human activity.

2. Dee Says. Dee has joined the mentally unstable world of bloggers, and has her own blog right here. You might think that it looks a little familiar, but that's only because my blog gave birth to her blog over the last week. And look! We made a ginger! She now rings me every night to tell me she's done a new post and I haven't, which apparently makes her better than me. Well, she's wrong. I am, of course, the best in every area of human activity.

3. Two more comedians have been stupid enough to start up blogs as well. One Lady Owner is Nick Swift's frankly far-too-good attempt at blogging. It's annoying to find new blogs that are not only readable, but downright funny and well written, because it makes me question why I've been writing this crap for nearly four years now. But then, I remember that I'm the best in every area of human activity. Not Nick fucking Swift. One of the nice Bearded Ladies has also started showing off on the internet, talking about what it's like to work for Channel 4 and write sitcoms and generally just being all smug and self-centered. Not really, of course. I'm not jealous. I'm the best in every area of human activity after all.

4. One more blog recommendation, and then I'm done I swear - Planet Potato kind of snuck up on me, hit me round the back of the head and then ran off giggling. I like his cheek and the cut of his jib, the hop in his step and the twinkle in his eye. Although since I'm the best in every area of human activity, I'm still best than him, or any other blogger, and if you have a problem with that, talk to the hand.

5. I've been invited to play with heard said, a site that collects together things that people have heard, and that they believe to be true. The best thing about the site is the fact that it might not necessarily be true. I've only posted up one thing so far, because that's all the interesting facts I know about anything, but I'll be endeavouring to join in more in the future. But if you have anything interesting you think should be posted on this frankly great idea of a site, do leave comments on MY BLOG and not on theirs, so that I can get the credit.

Many thanks.


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