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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

Day Two of RNJ, although technically I still haven't started doing the job I was hired to do. That presumably starts next week, although no one seems to be steering the metaphorical ship this firm is sailing in. Sure, there's someone burly and manly-looking up at the wheel, parrot on shoulder and very large hat accounted for, but I think he's passed out or something. Because today, the Second Day that I've been officially called in to help out with the vastness and the swamping and the ohlordgodalmighty they've got so much work to do, and I had nothing to do for two of the three and a half hours I was there. NOTHING.

One of the secretaries even rang round all of her secretary friends on the other floors in other departments to see if they could find out where all this urgent work that needs someone new employed just to tackle through so that they could perhaps start seeing the light of day, and the best they could come up with was for me to correct some typos on a memo. I did that. Then more NOTHING for me to do.

So I cleaned out the drawers of my desk, like the good OCD that I am. I lined up folders and threw out some paper clips and worked through phone lists, and then neatened my desk, and even considered cleaning the keyboard because the space bar keeps getting stuck when I'm in full flow because there's all sorts of ick from the last woman who sat at my desk.

This is all because, even though my job is almost completely perfect, I've got no internet. He Who Only... and Mrs Bishop both did sterling jobs at keeping me entertained for the duration of the two hours of NOTHING, but even then two hours of NOTHING is rubbish compared to two hours of typing constantly interrupted by stupid conversations with your friends. Damn this firm for ruining my fun.

My other weird thought for the day regarding my RNJ is the fact that I've got no boss. I'm not working for anyone in particular, which means I've got no one towards whichto direct all my hatred and anger. I'll have to find a boss substitute in the meantime.


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