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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

Day One of proper working hours of RNJ.

And that's all you're gonna hear about it. Briefly browsing the world that is the internet last night, I found another story about another blogger having been sacked for writing about their work on their blog. And though it does take me a long while to learn lessons from my own mistakes, I've decided to try to learn lessons from others, and so from here on in I'll not be writing about my job. I'm skilled enough at getting sacked in my own right, so to give myself a sporting chance of staying there longer than a moment, because I really do quite like it there, I'm going to put an embargo on mentions of work from here on in.

Instead, to fill in the gap of today's entry, here's one of these things instead (oh, shut up, it's ages since I've answered one of these stupid things, indulge me):

The last person who told you a secret:
Dee, at her house, last night. I share all secrets with her, she shares all secrets with me. Neither of us can therefore ever betray the other's confidence, due to the sheer amount of dirt we have on each other.

The last blog or site you came from:
The place I got this stupid questionnaire thingy from. Not allowed to say where, the webmistress would get very cross with me if I linked.

The last time you had a decadent dessert:
Probably at Moo's wedding. Desserts, particularly the decadent ones (although decadent literally means 'ten teeth', and being vegetarian I steer well clear of all food involving teeth), tend to involve all sorts of cream and dairy produce. It doesn't agree with me, so decadent desserts (with or without teeth) aren't so much an indulgence for me so much as a stupid decision. That answer has bored me more writing it than you reading it. Honest.

The last time you said "I love you":
About an hour ago. To my lovely great lump of a labrador, fact fans.

The last time you truly laughed out loud:
About an hour ago. When she looked up to lick me, and instead sneezed directly in my face.


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