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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

I really proper hate the layout and look of this bloody weblog. Since blogger have severely restricted their templates, I'm stuck with this unless someone gives me a quick masterclass on how to make it pretty. And I'm very jealous of H, who has given herself a complete new outfit in anticipation of her worldly journeys. Could someone do the same for me? Pretty Please?

Email shazzle@nospamcluas.com, removing the [nospam] and let me know. I'd be ever so grateful.

I've been surfing for the last half hour, to avoid doing anything of substance that will remind me that I've been abandoned by my parents for the next five weeks, and that Shattered finished last night on Channel 4 and I've nothing better to watch, and I found a site which has linked to me under my very very old name of "What Did You Say?" Although he has put me under 'blogs what I link to' rather than 'blogs what I read' which I found very odd and slightly rude.

Last week I signed up for my second OU course, starting at the end of this month, which will start me into proper learning about psychology, rather than just noncing about making up my own theories about people and blaming everything on father figures and not being breastfed. It's this one, which looks a little scary and involves a week-long residential course and a written exam along with the usual essays, which is a bit more hands on than my last one. I've registered with them as a special student, really only so that I can do my exam on a computer rather than on paper. I find it too difficult to organise my thoughts in a linear fashion any more, and doing exams on computers - like I did while in university - means that you can jump about all over the place and still appear to be coherent at the end. Also, I type a heck of a lot faster than I write these days, and you can sit in very awkward positions in front of the computer, which you can't do writing at a desk. Currently, I'm kneeling on the chair to try to stop the aching in my back. I'm going to go and take the dogs for a wander instead.


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