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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson


Now that my envelope has arrived there safely, I will tell you about a free book scam from comedian Stewart Lee. The following is taken from his newsletter which you should have already gotten if you're in any way cool.

I have annexed 278 copies of the first edition of my first novel, The Perfect Fool, which were due to be pulped. They are currently stacked in my office like the grinning skulls of some long dead phantom race. If you send a sturdy self addressed envelope of at least 7 inches by 10, with £1.50 of stamps on it, to me c/o Stewart Lee, Envelope Collecting Game, Avalon, 2a Exmoor St, LONDON, W10 6BD, I will send you a signed one absolutely FREE. If and when the stock runs out, if I am still receieving SAE's, I will just keep them and their stamps and do whatever I want with them and you will have lost out, understand? Thus, I win.

I have had nearly 100 takers on the free book offer, below, which leaves about 180 to go. People on the aol system said their emails could not process the numbers contained in the amount of stamps you need to put on your s.a.e. The postage is, in words, One Pound Fifty. Thanks for all your kind letters. And s.a.e is an envelope which has your address on it, remember.

Do this. It's a very good book. I've got two copies already, and gave three other copies as Christmas presents when the book was first released. It contains a scene with bestial pornography, and some of Mr. Lee's old stand up routines repackaged in to book format. Go on. It's free, for pity's sake.


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