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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

I never explained how our pets got their names. You're all keen to know, I'm sure. So I'll tell you. As an addition to the explaination (think of it as a bonus track) I'll also include a list of their nick names, which they all also answer to.

Kesh - Kesh was originally known as Molly, and she still sometimes answers to that. The name Kesh is short for Longkesh, after Longkesh Prison in Northern Ireland. I'm unclear about the reasoning for this, because I was living in Edinburgh when they got her. She also answers to: Keshington, Keshtable, Small Fry, Tiny Dog, Slinkydink and Baby Dog.

Honey - Honey was known as Tess in the dog pound, which was a cruel reference to her slight weight problem. Mum originally named her Sandy after a golden labrador that had been the family dog when Mum was but a small girl, but that didn't suit her, and we as a family use 'honey' as an affectionate term for our pets anyway, so it stuck and became her official name. Variations on her name include: Hun Bun, Honey Bear, Flun Bun, Flun Bun Hun, and Darling Dog.

Butler - Butler came from a litter of chocolate labradors that my Mum's aunty had, who were all given away to good homes with the proviso that they were all named after chocolates. So he is Butler after the expensive Irish chocolates. Others from his little include Buttons, Rolo, Tiffin, Choco and Cadbury. He also answers to: Butt Dog, Big Dog, Labramador, Mary, Mary Bear, Mary Ellen Bear of Bears and Best Dog.

Smudge - Smudge is a pure white cat with absolutely no markings at all. But when we got her she had a big black mark on her head that looked like an ink blot. It disappeared after a year, so now her name just seems sarcastic. She is also called: Mush, Bitch, Muscky Pushky and Scat but she answers to none of them.

Anarchy - Anarchy was found on the road by Edel while she was in first year in college in Derry, and at the time she was studying the topic of Anarchy in some European country as part of her history and politics degree. So she named him Anarchy. Simple as that. His is also referred to as: Tiger, Momma's Little Tiger and Narky but mostly You Little Bastard because he has a habit of jumping out from behind furniture and scratching your ankles.


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