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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

They send the MTV Europe Music Awards to Leith, and are now surprised when all their computers are stolen. MTV, I'm not surprised. Anyone that has ever been to Leith - and that should have included the people who scouted the place for suitability - are not surprised. Good luck with getting that stuff back, by the way.

I was going to put some pictures of all the things that I got for my birthday on line, but it's proven to be quite difficult, since my friends and family have been quite imaginative in what they bought me, and the stuff that I have isn't easily available on line. I'm sure if I keep looking I'll find something resembling them, but really I don't have the energy, and I only came on the computer an hour and a half ago with the intention of reading my email and then going to stare at the telly. Now I can't seem to leave this room.

I bought the DVD of bachelors walk yesterday, so that I could start watching the second series, which started on RTE last night. But it's not the second series, it's the third series, and it will be impossible for me to keep up with them all. But even so, it's one of the first comedy programmes produced by RTE for years that has lasted past one series, and that has been welcome, pretty much across the board, by everyone as a good idea. I had intended to watch most of that tonight. I haven't quite got round to it.

Bloody hell. It's 10.30pm. Where did the night go?


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