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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

Mum went in to hospital today, and her operation will be 1pm tomorrow. Apparently, it should only last an hour, which is astonishing, considering when she had the other hip replaced only three years ago it took a lot longer and seemed a lot messier. Apparently, she will be back up to her room at around 4pm, which is seriously good news.

But I'm not going to blog about that, or the extremely bad mood that I've been in all week (which I'm sure will lift when the operation is over and she's back home), and I'm certainly not going to start typing about work because that will probably lead to me being sacked (although kindly blogger have produced a guide about that), so instead I'm just going to install one of these nifty little fire escape thingys so that other people reading this in their working hours will be able to cover their tracks if they hear a boss or two coming round the corner. Neat-o.

I am also in a quandry about whether or not to dye my hair. Just before I left Edinburgh, I put a blue colour in it, but it just turned black and I looked like some desperate goth reject, and so I wore hats for a couple of weeks. Now that that has faded, I want to put a normal-ish purple colour in it, just your standard over the counter hair dye, but the problem is that everyone I know has been saying how nice my hair looks in its natural colour. I think they're all entirely wrong, but in the back of my mind I'm worried they might be right, and I will have spent a fortune buying hair dye every six weeks since I was 15 years old (could someone please work out the sums for that, please?), and made many mistakes when I should have just stuck to the colour that God wisely chose for me... And then I read about the horrors that Susan is going through with her hair.

But I need to cover up the grey that God has now seen fit to give me too. Decisions, decisions.


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