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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

I wrote my Friday Five at work this week, as is the traditional way to blog that kind of crap, but couldn't post it due to the fact that internet access appears to have been taken from me. That's got to be a record - I've only been there two weeks. My email conversations with friends have also been seriously disrupted thanks to the fact that the firewall at work doesn't understand that Irish people need to swear in order to get their point across. But weirder than all that, all emails sent to me are eventually allowed through, so I got an uncensored edition of PopBitch, despite the fact that the firewall deemed in inappropriate. I applaud that kind of crazy logic.

I've spent the weekend doing things that, I've only now realised, were an attempt to force myself to start loving the city of Dublin again. We went to see Intermission on Friday, at a cinema that was packed to the rafters with people, even though it has apparently been on general release in Ireland for weeks now. We like nothing better than having our glory reflected back at us, and this film was really great in the way that it didn't go all Lock Stock on Dublin like I had feared it would - it didn't gangster things up, or shamrock things down, or even have any horses being brought in to any tenement blocks. It was just really really funny. And it is not Colin Farrell's movie, no matter what kind of crap you read. It's Colm Meany's. The man plays a blinder, ladies and gentlemen. Do go see this.

I then spent Saturday night watching Bachelors Walk, a sit com that has been running on RTE since 2001, which I've only managed to start watching now. It's on the third series here at home, but the first series has just been released on DVD, and I've watched 7 out of 8 episodes in two days. Again, I was so afraid they'd go all wanky and "Dublin is just as much a character in this programme as the three main actors", but they haven't. It's a very strong sitcom. The production values are perhaps a little more shoddy than most sitcoms on telly, but it's better than anything Ed Byrne has ever appeared on, and that's a good yard stick by which to judge any Irish television shows.


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