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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

Fabulously, after making a small song and dance about it, my two year anniversary as a slightly demented blogger has gone by without even a single post. That's right, ladies, gentlemen, people related to me and others, last Friday my blog was 2 years old, and when I did that Friday Five, I forgot.

I had intended some long posts over the weekend - some birthday related bits, perhaps a reflection on the past two years, even maybe a drawing or two, some commemorative plates or the erection of a statue - but nothing came to me, due to be entirely unable to stop following other people round the house mumbling "I'm booooored".

But I've also found tons and tons of new blogs that are actually very interesting. Now that my lovely regular people whose blogs I used to read lots and lots, like the plastic cat and james bachman have decided that they're just too cool to regularly post, I've had to find my entertainment elsewhere. And I have! But I'm not going to link to my new buds here. No. That's right. I'm keeping them my little secret, and you can't see them.

Actually, okay, here's one of them, nicked from someone else's weblog, apparently written by what my mother used to call a "lady of the night", and what my sister likes to call a "skanky hoe" (although I'm not sure how to spell that second part). Belle is, apparently, a prozzie working in London. I'm not entirely sure that that's the truth.

It's one of those weblogs that arrives out of nowhere, fully formed, almost as if someone has been writing a blog about their own life for some time, has got bored of it, but sees the potential to make it more interesting, and has created an entirely fictional life. I would know all about this, cos I was writing a completely different, utterly fictional and slightly rubbish weblog which I may well return to any day now, just as soon as I find a way to add extra hours to my life.

But Belle is still an entertaining, if completely office unfriendly read.


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