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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

Post number 1 in a continuing series of "probably just this one, really", the theme of which being: I wish I had the internet at work.

I'm still not linked to the net here. The new computers are still sitting in boxes in the hall way downstairs. I am instead using someone else's computer, cos there's not much else to do round these parts.

And I've done a little hunt around, as you do, for brilliant David Blaine links. Early this morning someone threw pink paint at him. And rightly so.

Blaine links:
- Wake David: "It's not big, its not clever, it's a grown man in a plastic box" - hints and tips on how to keep Blaine awake for 44 days and 44 nights.
- Blaine Appeal: "The Shame Blaine charity appeal campaign asks anyone who wants to see some real public benefit from Blaine's stunt to pledge just a single pound - or more if they can afford it - to a legitimate charity, before Midnight on Monday the 13th of October. If Blaine comes out of his box on the 14th of October then all amounts collected on pledges will be donated to charity. If however, Blaine continues in pursuit of his goal of 44 days then, the money pledged will steadily decrease until it will reach zero on Blaine's 44th day of incarceration. His success will mark the loss of a significant charitable donation for worthwhile causes." WHAT? WHAT? I'm sure he knows nothing about this. Why will the money decrease? Where will it go? Just plain odd, this.
- Channel 4 official site: rarely updated, but with lots of ads on how to get the broadband coverage.
- Dress Up David: a rubbish dressing up game
- Blaine Game: I can see no reason for this at all.

I should go home now.


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