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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

Isn't it funny how virtually the only time I ever post pictures up here is when I've bought a new pair of shoes?

I bought a new pair of shoes. Well, I bought them a few days ago. And then I tried wearing them around the house, but they were far too tight and sore on my feet, so this morning I rang my Mum to see what could be done about these beautiful and childish shoes, because I really wanted them, but they made my feet ache. She told me to go back to the shop and buy a bigger size, and wear two pairs of socks within. What a wise lady she is. Thank God I'm returning home for her closer guidance.

These are my new shoes -

They make me tall. I used to have a pair like these, but in blue, but I broke them through wearing them too much.

I also got a hair cut today - she scalped me, as usual. I shall be wearing a hat for about two weeks until it grows back in to look like I am not in actual fact just recovering from a dose of chemotherapy.

And, because I've an essay to write, I've rented 4 DVDs for the price of two, thanks to a card from the video store that was pushed through my door. I got Adaptation and Punch Drunk Love as the DVDs I had to pay for, and Ocean's Eleven and Billy Elliot as the ones I got for free. So far I've watched Ocean's Eleven. It's a silly nonsense of a film, and great with it.

Now I'm wandering around the flat with my fancy, new, not-hurting-my-feet, quite pink shoes. Woo hoo.


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