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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

David Blaine apparently accidentally cuts part of his ear off in his press conference, there is apparently a scuffle between photographers to get a good shot, and I can't find a single photo on the net. Although I'm not looking too hard. It's just what he wants me to do.

Day One of new job. This morning at about 10.30am I was considering walking out, and explaining as I ran through the door (yes, through) that some sort of horrible mistake had been made, that it was never supposed to be like this, and that I was really destined for better things. By 12.30pm, I thought maybe I could probably last through to the end of the day, but no more. Now, I think I might risk going back for one more day, just to make sure.

It's the horror of experiencing the same old same old. That same kinds of cases, the same paper pushing, the same weird office staff, but wrapped up in a horror of an unintelligible filing system and a computer dating back to the early 1970s. Contributing to a feeling of nausea this morning (initially brought on by the fact that I was awake before 12pm, and was neither drunk nor in bed) was the vision of my new work station, sitting in all it's glory, facing out across the entirety of the little office, so that everyone could see my monitor. This was soon complicated by the news that I didn't have a phone, or any email or internet facilities - although apparently this will shortly be rectified.

As it goes, I got a phone in the afternoon, and am promised a brand new computer (please god with at least email) some time soon. Although the girls there didn't put much faith in the "soon" part of any promise. At least there's tea and coffee on tap. Although there's no water.

They are all quite nice, really. And since they still haven't given me a contract, I don't know how much notice I have to give them before skipping the country.


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