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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

Back to New Job after a long weekend, and I had decided over the weekend that I'd be nice to the recruitment people at New Job Corp and give them a full three weeks notice of my departure. Which would mean telling them at the end of this week that I'm leaving. Which would be odd, considering I'm still very much New Girl, despite the fact that someone else started today.

The New New Girl is in fact a New Woman, in that she's a solicitor. She's actually the same age as me, but I'm very much New Girl while she's definitely New Woman. She turned around to one of the secretaries today and said the words "And you are..?", which of course is her way of establishing herself as Woman over Girl, even though the secretary she was addressing was certainly 10 years her senior. That's the hierarchy of the office, and one of the ten thousand reasons I want to leave the office world.

I'm currently watching At Home With The Eubanks (mainly because the tv controls are the other side of the room, and I don't even know how the telly got turned to Channel 5) and I have to say, far from the freakshow 5 were obviously hoping for, it's really just turning out to be a lesson in good parenting. They are bloody good parents. They make their kids stand to attention when they're being given out to. They make them repeat mantras from Spiderman as life lessons. They continually remind them that their last name is Eubank. And they don't have constant shouting matches or unresolved arguments. I bow.

A new feature has just come on to the new blogger - or at least one I've not noticed until now. You can change the time and dates of your posts. I think that's cheating, personally. Don't do it, kids.

And finally. Someone tried to cut off Blaine's water supply today. That's both big and clever. Well done Stephen Charles Field, 38. Keep it up, and he'll be down within the fortnight, blaming the Great British Public for ruining his fun.


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