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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

I've taken another day off from the Fringe. I thought this might happen, particularly given that I came a cropper in a battle to the front of the stage with a particularly horrible David Gray fan last night, who elbowed me in the head when she noticed that a different door had been opened before the one we were queuing in front of, and I appeared to be blocking her ungainly, ugly, elderly way. Thankfully, Susan, Olivia and myself had been discussing tactics for the hours preceeding the gig, and we managed to secure ourselves positions slightly right-of-centre (prime spots at DG gigs) in the front row, and that bitch only managed a measly place slightly left-of-centre in the second row. And therefore we won and she lost. And she'll be dead before us. Double the victory.

Thanks partially to her rugby tackle, and partially to my enthusiasm during Late Night Radio, I'm having a little bit of trouble walking today, so I thought I'd save everyone the sight of me hobbling about the cobbles with my walking stick. Hopefully I'll be back on top form tomorrow.

I have instead taken the time to watch the last episode of 24 - which was a bit disappointing, in keeping therefore with the rest of this series - and writing four reviews for Comedy Lounge, which takes our current festival total to four reviews. Not bad for 17 days in to the Festival, I think you'll find, if you consider our past record.

I've also been picking through my woeful number of published reviews in the paper to try and pick out the two best reviews to enter in to an award that is run every year for best review written by someone aged less than 30. Since I am still aged less than 30 - and anyone that says I am not is a big fat liar - and since I haven't got much to choose from (I've only had 7 reviews published out of the admittedly paltry 19 I have written) I've chosen these two - Bradley Walsh and Gary Le Strange. Neither of which are particularly great, but both run the full gauntlet of praise and downright fury on my part. I think a couple of the other ones that I've written are better, but they've not been published, and the deadline is midday on Monday, too late for the new issue of the Evening News. So I've settled on these. I'm holding out absolutely no hope, but it would help to pay my rent and multiple debts come September, so nothing ventured...


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