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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

It's been a really weird few days - the Festival has been here for a week and a half, and while it feels like it's gone by in a flash, it also feels like we've been doing this nonsense forever, and a few days besides. On Thursday and Friday I had some weird interruptions of real life break through the Festival haze, when I had to go to an Open University class and also had a job interview for some lame office job come September time when the visa bill lands on the door step, and I'm forced to consider selling some kidneys.

On Thursday night, in preparation for the interview Friday morning, we stayed in the performers bar at the Gilded Balloon until they called last orders. At that point, we sensibly got up and went home. Unfortunately, time is called there at 5am. We got home for 6am. I got up again, went for the interview, and actually got the job. They're even raising their original wage offer to try to tempt me into their evil office dwelling ways.

But other than that it's been a typical untypical week and a half at the Fringe. Tonight, for example, we were told that actresses will be playing the part of us in an improvised film currently being filmed in Edinburgh, starring a very well known comedian, and being directed by another well known comedian. Ideally, the director explained, he wanted us to play ourselves (and there would have been a shiny £20 note in it for us) but he didn't have our phone numbers on him, and so the parts have now been filmed with actresses. We are obviously both completely relieved and totally gutted.


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