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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

Festival has gone. Am very glad and quite relieved and a bit sad. No longer able to sleep for any reasonable amount of time, and have felt the urge to start drinking at about 11pm which I still can't shake off. Difficult to face sunlight. Got bus home this morning with people on their way to work. I rightfully laughed in their faces. Next Monday should be interesting, when I am expected to join the human race again.

These are the shows I saw at the Festival, in roughly the order I saw them. The really good ones are marked in bold, and if you get the chance to see them, do. The ones in italics should be avoided at all costs. Anything else is entirely up to you. (Any repeat entries mean I saw them more than once. Obviously):

Alfie Joey - Mini Cabaret
Live Ghost Hunt
Bad Play
James Dowdeswell - Dowdsworld
Alan Carr
Soft Toys
Cambridge Footlights - Non-sexual Kissing
Dara O'Briain - I Am Not An Animal
Gary Le Strange - Polaroid Suitcase
John Moynes - How I Became A Real Boy
Simon Munnery - Onwards and Upwards
Black Sheep - Luxury Assortment
Dan Clark - 57 Minutes
12 Angry Men
Laurence & Gus
Miles Jupp - Gentlemen Prefer Brogues
BBC Stand Up Show Live
Macpherson's Lament
Best Of Irish
Steve Furst - Canvas 2003
Andy Zaltzman Reveals The Great Conspiracy
The Upsettables
Nice Mum Are Chocolate Benders
Tom McCrae & Bell X1
Kings Of The Road
The Consultants - Boss
Late N Live
Tittle Tattle
Fascinating Aida
Alex Horne - Making Fish Laugh
Peepolykus - Mind Bender
Cream of Irish
Tony Hawks
After Hours
Wicker Woman
Bradley Walsh - From the Beginning to the End
Owen O'Neill - Stanza Up Comedy
Gavin Webster
Alex Horne - Making Fish Laugh
The Establishment
Millenium Prayer
The Trap
Rob Rouse
The Dinks
David Gray
Priorite A Gauche Unplugged
Jeremy Lion
Bill Shakespeare's The Italian Job
Gary Le Strange - Polaroid Suitcase
12 Angry Men by Galton & Simpson
John Oliver
Glen Wool - Things That Occured To Me Last Year
Daniel Kitson - A Made Up Story
Just A Minute
A Very Naughty Boy
The Wingnut Tapes
Jongleurs New Act Final
12 Angry Men
Phil Nichol
Three Men and a Giant
Alex Horne - Making Fish Laugh
Demetri Martin - If I...
Late N Live
Rob Newman - From the Caliban to the Taliban
Gary Le Strange - Polaroid Suitcase
Flight of the Concords

Late N Live

That's 74 shows. Without repeated viewings, that's 65 different shows. Not too bad, but not my record.


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