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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

I've had to make a new resolution, following that shameful splurging in the shops on Friday. I'm not going to spend money on anything at all that's unnecessary, so that basically means anything that I like or want or get any kind of pleasure from. Other than cigarettes. Obviously taking an Open Univeristy degree, writing for a newspaper and a website, keeping this daft nonsense and working five days a week isn't enough to keep me out of trouble, so on Friday I joined COMMUTERLAND, which is an open blog charting the daily journey to and from work. As far as I can gather, the other participants are both in London. Me and another girl called Sharon (what are the chances, eh?) have just joined, and therefore are vying to be the best Sharon, leaving the other one to inevitably skulk off in shame at being the second best Sharon. [NB - that might just be my take on it]. My journeys to and from work are wholly unremarkable as a rule, so this should be fun.

In other news, they gave me work to do here this morning. This afternoon, they tried to give me more work to do, but I explained to them that what they were asking me to do was both inpractacle and also stupid, so they've backed off a bit. I'm wearing my new runners as well, because I'm that kind of a maverick that refuses to be tied down by rules and uniforms. And also - and this is true - my runners are the same colour as my bubble gum.


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