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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

Week 5 of temping (I just had to count them out on my fingers, you know) and I'm back somewhere that has the internet. ‘How wonderful’, you're probably thinking. ‘She's finally getting somewhere’, you're almost definitely not thinking, ‘and now she's going to risk it by being sacked for being on the net, just like that time at the Council’. (Did I tell you about that time at the Council? When I was sacked? Oh, that's a great story). ‘Will she never learn?’

No, ladies and gentlemen, it’s become quite apparent that I will never learn.

Although, to be fair to me, I have been told here on more than one occasion (that’s on two occasions, then) that, because I’ve got nothing to do, I might as well go on the internet and read stuff. So that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve become highly familiar with the Guardian’s website, I’ve perused the edfringe site more times than is strictly healthy, I’ve been on the home page for every comedy venue in Edinburgh (purely for research purposes, dahling, there’s a new issue of Comedy Lounge coming out on Sunday) and now I’ve finally cracked, am bored, and need to find something of more interest. They’ve blocked off yahoo email from me, even though I had it on Monday – do you think someone’s spying on the sites that I’m looking at? I’ve tried surfing through weblogs, but seriously, there’s nothing interesting out there any more.

I went to see a community theatre play last night, at the beheast of the Evening News. Words can’t come close to describing the true nature of that event, but unfortunately words are exactly what I have to use to describe it. I’ve not had a word count just yet, but I’m quaking with fear at the thought of having to use over 500 of them to let the world (or at least Edinburgh and the surrounding areas) know what I thought of it.

So instead I’m making an uninspired blog entry, in a month where my blog entries have been few and far between. Maybe the work environment in my old job, though oppressive, was somehow creatively inspiring. Or maybe I just haven’t reached the right level of boredom yet. Give me time.


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