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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

This Friday Five is all about songs. I’ve spent ages and ages on Google, typing in album and band names, because I’m rubbish at remembering song titles. Hope you appreciate the effort.

1. Name one song you hate to admit you like.

I bought the single of Flying Without Wings by Westlife. Shut your face.

2. Name two songs that always make you cry.

Virtually anything can make me cry if I’m that way inclined. The Bluetones “Fountainhead” usually does the trick, not because it’s a particularly sad song, but because of associations. Same with Damien Rice’s “Blower’s Daughter”. I discovered. The other day. And The Frames “Lay Me Down”. And Mic Christopher’s “Hey Day”. And “Other Side” and “Clean Pair Of Eyes” by David Gray. And “I Won’t Look Down” by Ben and Jason. And I’ll stop now. This list is far too easy to compile.

3. Name three songs that turn you on.

That’s a rude question, with probably quite a rude answer. An answer that is not being shared with you rude people. The internet isn’t just about smut, you know. Besides, I think answering that question might reveal more about me than I’m comfortable with.

4. Name four songs that always make you feel good.

That changes because whenever I love a song, I do tend to play it to death and then get bored. But I love “It’s The End Of The World” by REM and “All I Want” by Joni Mitchell. The current two other bouncy along ones would be “Painkiller” by Turin Brakes and “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt 1” by Flaming Lips. Mind you, most Flaming Lips songs make me feel good.

5. Name five songs you couldn't ever do without.

Well, all of the above I could never do without. And other songs would include “Best Imitation of Myself” by Ben Folds Five, the Doug Anthony All Stars version of “Throw Your Arms Around Me”, Divine Comedy’s “Through a long and sleepless night” and “Charge”, the entire Life’s Rich Pageant album by REM and “This Charming Man” by The Smiths and… this is supposed to be quite a disciplined list, isn’t it? Shame that.


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