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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

Look at how anti-social we are. Tonight a man in the hostel started talking to us in broken french and english, mocking the fact that we were tired. He was from Columbia, and all I could think about was the Simon Munnery line about chocolate, coffee and cocaine. And Shakira. We ran away from him and his constant attention and came to the cyber cafe to read about old Lee and Herring jokes, and the Aqualung tour diary which we are not mentioned in, and who therefore we now obviously hate. Not really. Well kind of.

Every time we are walking around town or talking we both keep yelling that we must blog things, if only so that we can remember in the weeks to come, but when we get here inspiration leaves as I struggle with the keyboard. But one thing that has struck me out of the many things that keep striking me is the fact that I really do listen to a lot of music every day, and really really miss it when I don't have the chance to. So in the blind Vs deaf stakes, blind is in the lead today, for what it's worth.

I have also noticed that my sense of direction isn't worth a damn, whereas Susan could probably find her way out of a paper bag quite easily. Me, I'd be stuck there for days.

Finally, our adventure this afternoon involved us getting on the tram/ski-lift (which is called the Fin-Ick-You-Lare) four times, while only paying for one journey. And three out of the four times were from the same station, and all were in the same direction. Make of that what you will. But the final score in Comedy Lounge Vs Lyon is CL 3 - Lyon 1.


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