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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

This is written as part of the Peer-To-Peer review project, which works by assigning each blogger another weblog to review. As part of the project, you have to publish your review as part of your own weblog, so here below is my review of the blog written by someone calling themselves smelly kid.

smelly kid’s blog comes without an introduction to himself, or any kind of background information, other than what comes through the entries themselves. Ordinarily, I find this frustrating with blogs, but not so this one – according to the first entry in the archive, his back log disappeared just before the new year, and he has continued on instead with this clean sheet. This adds something of an air of mystery and a certain enigma to the relatively sparse entries.

It took me less than five minutes to read through all the entries written since last December, but each of them show great potential for expansion, and what you leave this site with is a certain degree of frustration that that promise is never fulfilled. I would guess that the reason he entered this site for a peer2peer review would be because, like me, he was trying to use that extra pressure to force him to knuckle down and increase the amount of entries he generates.

The entries are short and sweet and, to the most part, straight to the point. They don’t contain very many links to outside sites, and the overall content of the site is more of a personal journal than anything else. However, his hopes, dreams, ambitions and frustrations come screaming through the postings, and brought back for me – without meaning to sound at all patronising - just how difficult your teenage years can be. It consistently stays just on the right side of self indulgence and manages not to fall in to the trap that so many other blogs do and become simply a public diary in which you attempt to make yourself sound more interesting.

Overall, it’s a great find, but also a great shame that it isn’t updated regularly enough. I for one would certainly be interested in reading a whole lot more.


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