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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

This is one of the most disturbing news stories I’ve seen on Ananova in ages, which is, of course, famed for it’s gratuitous attention to detail. Releasing the pictures are obviously essential to finally identifying this poor girl, but the tone in which they are presented, like all other "stories with pictures" on the Ananova site, makes the whole thing seem more like voyeurism.

Also included in the line up today are graphic pictures of the suicide bombing in Israel this morning, with close up pictures of the bus and blanket covered bodies of passengers.

We're becoming far too accustomed to seeing this kind of graphic detail in our entertainment programmes - every television show seems to think that it's never complete without a bomb, car crash or murder to liven things up every ten seconds (and that's just the ). But at least that's all in the manner of jolly fun, and we know that in the end no one gets hurt.

Following on from that day in September, the news people seemed to hold back for a while on the more gory details of every day tragedy and outright slaughter dressed up as a necessary war. They seem to have mislaid that memo now, and are reverting back to type.

Hang on, I seem to be sounding a bit too much like Mary Whitehouse.

I think every news editor and producer needs to be forced to sit down and watch the entire series of The Day Today and Brass Eye before they're ever allowed near an editing suite, before the entire system becomes a great bit parody of itself, and we all start living in caves again.


(Oh, and hello Lorraine!)


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