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Dreadful Nonsense

"I've read your blog. it's really funny. you should write a column." - Jon Ronson

For anyone still obsessing about the last song they sang at the GUD gigs, here are the lyrics, as posted by someone who was apparently sitting beside me and Susan at the last gig. The song is either called 'Stripped' or 'Centre of Things', depending on what Paul decides to call it on the night.

I have been stripped of a layer of meaning I
Fell through the floor watched you fly through the ceiling
She's so high, higher than thought can think
A mere sprite, like one of the nubilate
So hold tight, she radiates light from her jokes
It's what men prefer, they need the centre of things
The centre of things

I watched them packing up all Sunday morning the
Day of the fourth and they fled without warning
It's so bright, the sun almost burns your eyes
A cruel fight, I feel I can sympathise
Famine, pours over boiling words
It's more than we deserve love is a beautiful curse
A beautiful curse

La di da di da da da x4

She says I'm stained like a girl from the bourie
I pay my respects to her hourly
I'm clumsy I'm circumspect
Never knew what it meant
Perhaps it was heaven sent
So high, this kitten on gasoline
Codine fueled by her medicine
She lies back, handsom she says again
You've always been my friend, Lord it's the loveliest day
The loveliest day

I have been stripped of a layer of meaning I
Fell through the floor watched you fly through the ceiling
And I'm fine, finer than porcelain
Bromide on silver geletine
Blue skies, she's carried by seraphins
Aptly named valium
Into the arms of the night
The arms of the night

La di da di da da da x4